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Sex Therapy and Sexual Addiction/Betrayal Trauma

One of the foundational facets of my practice is the belief that you and I were meant to live a life of wholeness and purpose. This design can be marred by traumas, lies, and addictions, and we can easily find ourselves stuck in a pattern of unhealthy behaviors and a pale reflection of who we were meant to be. As a Certified Sex Therapist and Certified ...

Hal Stewart, LPC, LLC
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Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Sex Therapist and Co-Founder of the Center for Sexual and Relational Health, I work to help those struggling with porn addiction, sex addiction, compulsive sexual behavior and infidelity. As a Certified Partner Trauma Therapist, I also work with spouses & partners in their struggle to understand and heal from the ...

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